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You just have to love the syncretic sounds of Lua, combining the best elements of Mexican and Appalachian music forms into their catalog of original songs. And they play with such joyfulness! Their music performances are wonderful to experience.
— Nathan Moore, General Manager (WTJU 91.1 FM)
I would never pass up an opportunity to hear Lua play. With tight rhythms, arrangements, and harmonies, Estela’s voice is singular and soaring, and Dave and the rest of the band never let the groove get off track.
— Ramona Martinez, Host WAMU's Bluegrass Country
Lua has been described as a “cultural pollinator,” and the process of mixing and blending musical DNA is what defines the work of this exceptional group of musicians. Whether the group is playing its original songs or more traditional melodies out of Veracruz or the hills of Southwest Virginia, you can hear the gentle collision of Scots-Irish and Mexican traditions weaving together to create a “Mexalachian” hybrid. You can also hear melodic and rhythmic threads of Klezmer, Country & Western, Blues and Gospel, Zydeco—even Sephardic Jewish influence. In this way, Lua is a quintessential American band: e pluribus unum; from many, one.
— David Bearinger, Director, Grants and Community Programs Virginia Foundation For The Humanities