Latest Work



Recorded Summer 2016 on a single microphone by Matt Wyatt on the front porch of Free Union Studio in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, these live single takes showcase the current iteration our sound, Mexilachian music. In these songs, LUA blends Mexican and Appalachian folk elements into a new set of largely original songs. It's rustic and fun — the sound of home as we hear it.


LA SIRENA (2004)

Produced in 2004 with Bobby Reid of Small World Music, with several songs recorded and produced with Mino Mele of Raiz Electronica in Lima, Peru. Here you will find mesmerizing original recordings of latin inspired songs, featuring the deeply powerful and stratospheric vocals of Estela Knott, singing beautifully poetic songs, and backed by some of the funkiest roots and jazz musicians of Charlottesville, VA and Lima, Peru.


Recorded at Raiz Electronica studios in Lima, Peru, with co-creators Chebo Ballumbrioso, Javier Lazo, Gisela Perez-Ruibal Fuentes, Moises Carpo, and Mino Mele, LUA creates Afro-Andino Soul, a fusion of our North American roots and the diverse styles of our musical co-creators in Lima, Peru. This project was a whirlwind of people, places, and sounds. There are elements of Andean and Criolla guitar styles, Afro-Peruvian percussion, and flute and vocal field recordings by Native artists from the Andean Highlands of Sicuani.

Add a sprinkle of organ, some chunky bass and drums, and serve it up with a slab of Estela's buttery vocals. Que vive, la criolla mundial!